■ REVIEW: 100 Favourite Ways With Chicken
Old favourite back with new favourites

With the high price of red meat and the knowledge that too much of it isn’t good for us, more of us are opting to eat chicken more often.

And now New Zealand’s first family of food — mother-and-son partnership Alison and Simon Holst — have reworked their original chicken cookbook to give us their 100 favourite chicken recipes.

The original book is now out of print but this one has all the best from that one and a whole lot more, from soups and salads to wraps, casseroles and (of course) the ultimate roast chook with all the trimmings.

The Vietnamese-style salad is amazing and there are some quite unexpected recipes in here, including country captain chicken and the mouth-watering Pat’s Cuban chicken (not sure who Pat is but the recipe’s great).

There’s a recipe here for pretty much every cut of chicken you could imagine and, as always with the Holsts, they are all tasty and not too difficult to pull off.

100 Favourite Ways With Chicken, by Simon and Alison Holst (Hyndman Publishing, RRP $25.50)

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