■ REVIEW: It's Easier Than You Think
Cookbook lives up to its name

It’s always a treat when you get your hands on one of Jo Seager’s cookbooks and this latest offering from her is every bit as good as all her others.

What I love most about her style of cooking is that it is so accessible: the recipes are do-able for everyone, from the foodies with all the latest gadgets and a good working knowledge of what to do with an artichoke to those with a well-used can opener and everyone in between.

The photos of her recipes show food that any of us would be proud to turn out at a dinner party and the actual instructions are easy to understand and don’t include a gazillion steps just to get the garnish right.

It’s Easier Than You Think features beautifully photographed food in a second collection of recipes from Seager’s cook school.

There is a great selection of breakfasts, lunches and dinners, fantastic desserts and even some baking, so there’s something for everyone.

It also includes quite a good range of gluten-free recipes (including one for really simple peanut butter bikkies) and has all the usual hints and tips scattered through that we’ve come to expect from this Kiwi food guru.

As always, the emphasis is on minimum effort for maximum impact, so it’s another great book to add to your collection.

Even if you’re not really into cooking, this one is worth having.

And the author’s right: it is easier than you think.

It’s Easier Than You Think, by Jo Seager (Random House, RRP $49.99)



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