■ REVIEW: Marvellous Mince & Sensational Sausages
First family of food does it again

New Zealand’s first family of food has done it again, this time with a cookbook offering up 100 simple recipes using those affordable staples, mince and sausages – unsurprisingly titled Marvellous Mince & Sensational Sausages.

Oh yes, I can hear the politically correct among you whining on about mince and snags being full of fat and unhealthy but it is possible to buy different quality products that have less fat, and there are ways of cooking them to reduce the fat as well, so go away and play with your tofu while the rest of us enjoy the tasty treats packed into this book.

With colour illustrations throughout, there’s plenty to get your attention and, it would seem, something for all tastes. Except, perhaps, vegetarians (although you could try mincing your tofu).

This book has taken what are probably two of the most common comfort foods and tweaked, twisted and titillated them to give us a range of recipes that will provide food for thought for even the fussiest of eaters and give stuck-in-a-rut cooks plenty of fresh ideas.

Great value.

Marvellous Mince & Sensational Sausages, by Simon and Alison Holst (Hyndman Publishing, RRP $24.95)

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