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Inspiration for summer cooking

I’m not really a great fan of seafood but the bloke of the house got rather excited when he spotted the Seafood Bible, and it goes without saying that you can never have too many ideas for salads.

Both these books are packed with fresh ideas and colourful photos and, while none of the recipes is overly tricky, they all look pretty good and those I’ve actually taken for a test drive so far are certainly tasty enough to impress.

Salad Bible has a stunning range of options that will take you beyond the bog-standard lettuce and egg offering, while Seafood Bible covers just about every cooking method you could think of, from baking to barbecuing.

If you’re stuck in a rut with your summer salad ideas, or are looking for something new and inspiring to do with your fishy friends, these books might be just the ticket.

Salad Bible and Seafood Bible, by Jackie Passmore (Penguin, RRP $25 each)

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