■ REVIEW: Worst Case
Something for everyone

I’m always a little stunned by just how prolific author James Patterson is. Sure, he collaborates on a lot of his books but he still churns out an impressive number of novels that are impressively well- written.

This one is the third in the Michael Bennett series, featuring the widowed New York detective with 10 adopted children, a nanny he fancies just a little bit and a priest/grandad to the 10 kids who injects a touch of humour into the proceedings.

The action kicks off from the start with the reader introduced to a young kidnapping victim as he ponders his fate.

One by one, children of the rich and powerful are being abducted and held hostage. And killed when they fail to pass the tests set by their kidnapper.

Detective Bennett is put in charge of the investigation and with the help of FBI agent Emily Parker, he tries to stop another death. As always, the book is very easy to read and has plenty of plot twists. I also liked that the villain was shown to be human, that while he was out there doing all sorts of nasty things he also had all sorts of reasons.

Throw in a bit of romantic tension between the two investigators, and between Bennett and his nanny, and you’ve got something for everyone.

Worst Case, by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (Century, RRP $38.99)

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