■ REVIEW: Immoral
Chilling psychological thriller

In an ugly case of deja vu, Lieutenant Jonathan Stride must deal with the disappearance of a beautiful teenager in Duluth, Minnesota.

She’s gone without a trace: the second disappearance in a year.

The two missing girls appear to be opposites — the first is a sweet, bubbly 16-year-old while Rachel, the latest girl to disappear is something of a wild child.

With the media hounding him for a results, believing that a serial killer is on the loose, Lieutenant Stride searches from the freezing northern woods to Las Vegas.

Along the way, he exposes Rachel’s twisted background and begins to believe that the truth behind her disappearance is a whole lot  more complex than anyone could believe. And more twisted.

The secrets he uncovers will change his own life forever and show that some secrets are chillingly immoral.

If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, this one’s for you.

Immoral, by Brian Freeman (Headline, $24.99)

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