■ REVIEW: Marc Ellis' Good Fullas
A fun guide to the Kiwi bloke

Love him or hate him, Marc Ellis is the perfect choice to pen a guide to Kiwi blokes, being such a good Kiwi bloke himself.

This book is 248 pages of silliness that takes the reader on a guided tour of the Kiwi bloke species, in all his many guises: from the Ginga to the Bogan, they are all in there.

Sure, some of the sub-species are ever-so-slightly invented by the author but that just adds to the fun.

I’m sure anyone reading the book will be able to come up with a sub-species or two of their own but the guide is reasonably comprehensive.

And if you’re ever stuck in a boring meeting or in an airport departure lounge waiting to board a flight that’s running late, playing “spot the bloke species” is a great way to pass the time.

Marc Ellis’ Good Fullas, by Marc Ellis (Headline, RRP $44.99)

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