■ REVIEW: Worth Dying For
Reacher at his bone-crunching best

Jack Reacher is back and better than ever.

Were you one of the Reacher fans who complained that the last novel didn’t have a high enough body count?

I wasn’t (the body count might have been low but the action was still high) but if you were, you’ll be pleased to know that this time around maverick loner and all-around man of mystery Jack Reacher is back to his bone-crunching best with all his trademark moves.

The last novel, 61 Hours, ended with our hero in a bit of a sticky predicament that looked likely to stop him in his tracks.

Of course, that wasn’t the case because this is Jack Reacher.

This time around he’s in Nebraska and manages to walk into the middle of a spot of trouble in a town run by the particularly nasty Duncan family.

It all centres around a decades-old case of a missing child, secret shipments and a town populated by browbeaten and terrorised citizens.

Reacher could hitch the next ride out of town and continue on his planned travels but naturally he instead sticks around to a) sort out the bad guys, b) give the townsfolk a boost and c) take out a few more of those bad guys.

Oh yes, Reacher is back to his best.

If you’ve never read one of the Jack Reacher stories, this one is a good place to start.

Worth Dying For, by Lee Child (Bantam Press, RRP $39.99)

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