■ REVIEW: Reckless
Plenty of twists

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With its fast pace and gritty feel, the third Ty Hauck novel is every bit as riveting as its predecessors. Private security investigator Hauck is blown away by the news that an old friend form his past has been murdered along with her husband and daughter.

As he sets out to hunt for the killer of his friend and her family, he ends up stepping into the middle of a sinister conspiracy that could have worldwide impact.

Once again, the author pulls the story along at a cracking pace and manages to chuck in enough surprises and twists to keep you on your toes.

There are plenty of books featuring world-weary cops/detectives/heroes who have troubled pasts and muscles of steel. Hauck is most of those things but there’s no feeling of cliche, perhaps because he is also very human with believable flaws and the occasional bit of self-doubt.

Master of the fast-paced novel James Patterson says Reckless “is a sexy-as-hell thriller and Andrew Gross’s best”.

I reckon he’s right.

Reckless, by Andrew Gross (HarperCollins, RRP $38.99)

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