■ REVIEW: Kill Alex Cross
Nothing ordinary here

It will probably be no surprise to anyone out there when I say this latest Alex Cross book is a cracker: James Patterson has an impressive track record and I’m not shy about proclaiming myself a fan.

In Kill Alex Cross, the eponymous detective is first on the scene of a kidnapping.

However, this is no ordinary kidnapping (if there is such a thing as an ordinary kidnapping). The children who have been abducted on their way home from school are the son and daughter of the president of the United States.

Alex is doing his best to investigate but at every turn he is pushed to the edges of the investigation by someone powerful enough to interfere at the highest level. Someone who doesn’t want him too close to the action.

On top of that, there’s a deadly threat to the Washington DC water supply that could cripple the capital.

What can I say? Does it have action? Yes. Drama? Yes.

Easy to read? Yes. Would I recommend it? You bet I would.

Kill Alex Cross, by James Patterson (Century, RRP $38)

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