■ REVIEW: New Zealand Hall of Fame
Book highlights real role models for young Kiwis

All too often youngsters adopt sportspeople and entertainers as their role models and overlook the other incredibly talented people out there. And, sadly, all too often those role models fall short of the mark with booze and behaviour problems.

However, New Zealand Hall of Fame changes all that, turning the spotlight on 50 remarkable Kiwis from all walks of life, including entertainers and sportsmen and women we can be proud of.

New Zealand has been home to some remarkable people, with amazing achievements showing the world just what a great country this is.

Children’s author Maria Gill has pulled together a collection of 50 of our brightest and best with illustrations by Bruce Potter. The book covers everything from the expected greats from the past (Sir Edmund Hillary and Jean Batten) along with some who are not- quite-so-expected, including giant squid experts. It’s a lovely book that will give younger readers a look into the lives of some of our impressive Kiwis.

From the publisher’s website:
Discover the lives of some impressive New Zealand men and women – people who have achieved fame through their exploits as scientists, pioneers, adventurers, leaders, inventors, artists and sportspeople.

Where have they come from? What was their early childhood like? What made them successful? This collection samples and celebrates 50 famous New Zealanders. As well as the greats: Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Peter Blake and Jean Batten, there are experts on Giant squid and orca, powerful women, one of the most famous film producers in the world, and some of the best artists and most successful sports people in the world.

Brilliant caricatures capture the essence of each person on double-page spreads. Photographic picture ‘strips’, trophy boards, fascinating box panels and timelines build the profiles further. Illustrator Bruce Potter (international edition of The Whale Rider) has teamed up with skilled author, Maria Gill, to produce a superb, inspirational resource.

This book is a treasure trove of 50 true-life stories for all young New Zealanders to marvel over.

New Zealand Hall of Fame, by Maria Gill and Bruce Potter (New Holland Publishers, RRP $35)

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