■ REVIEW: Dead People
Maverick a curious mixture

I missed the first book in this new series by Ewart Hutton but will be tracking it down while I await the next in the series.

Detective Sergeant Glyn Capaldi is half Welsh and half Italian. And, according to the back cover of the book, all maverick.

And now having read my first DS Capaldi book, I can confirm that he is indeed all maverick, all exciting and all action.

Apparently, Capaldi was a bit of a naughty boy in his first adventure and has been sent to the middle of Wales to atone for his past sins in Cardiff.

During excavations for a wind farm, a not-quite-in-tact skeleton is found. With no head or hands, the question becomes whether or not this was a method of hiding the identity of the victim or was it a ritual killing.

Capaldi believes there must be a local connection but when his bosses ignore that theory and over-rule him, he has to prove that there is someone living locally capable of such a brutal, cold-blooded killing.

As the bodies pile up, he has to battle with not just a brutal killer, but also with his own superiors.

Author Ewart Hutton has created a lead characted who is perfectly three-dimensional and just flawed enough to be interesting.

I’m a fan.

Dead People, by Ewart Hutton (Blue Door, RRP $35)

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