■ REVIEW: Screw You Dolores
Lynch delivers a fresh approach to happiness

In the first book in her “Wicked Approach to” series, author Sarah-Kate Lynch tackles the tricky subject of happiness.

Life can be a bit of a roller-coaster and while most of us dream of finding Mr or Mrs Right, winning the lottery, developing a super power or some other form of excitement, it’s a safe bet that aside from all of that, we all really just want to be happy.

But how do you find happiness? The author delves into that very quesion with her usual fun and humour.

Lynch has reflected on marriage and kids, friendships, waistlines, careers and more in her books and she always does it with just the right mix of sound advice, sensible scepticism and above all else, fun. Because really, what’s the point of it all if you can’t have a wee bit of fun?

She says: “In 1997 I wrote my first book about always being on a diet but never being thin. I wanted to call it Screw You Dolores after an anecdote that I felt summed up the attitude I wanted to promote, but my publisher at the time said it was too rude; that little old ladies might be too embarrassed to ask for it or booksellers might want to hide it in brown paper bags.

‘In 2013 I wrote my twelfth book and called it Screw You, Dolores. It’s about knowing when to do what someone tells you to do, and knowing when to tell them to stick it up their jacksie.”

It was turning 50 (a milestone I’m rapidly sliding towards myself) that proved a catalyst for this book: a time to reflect on what Lynch thinks is, ultimately, the recipe for a happy life.

The book is packed with cutsie (and sometimes hilarious) little anecdotes on subjects I’m sure we can all relate to: from finding the perfect boots, losing jobs, gaining weight and the dodginess of “poo-catcher” pants (oh, Justin Bieber, you’ve got a lot to answer for).

Screw You Dolores, by Sarah-Kate Lynch (Random House NZ, RRP $30)

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