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Sugar is something most of us have far too much of, prompting a multitude of health problems, but that doesn’t stop us craving it.

We could all probably benefit from cutting back on our consumption of refined sugar, and That Sugar Book author Damon Gameau has followed up on his earlier bestseller with a book that features 80 simple and tasty recipes to help us quit sugar.

The recipes are divided into two parts: a bridging phase and a consolidation phase, designed for quitting and then adjusting. But to be honest, I dipped in to the book, trying recipes willy-nilly, so don’t let the structure put you off if you’re simply looking for a decent book of recipes that aren’t laden with sugar. Not all of us plan to go the whole hog in quitting sugar completely, and cutting back is also good for our health, so don’t be afraid to just try a few recipes that you might then want to add to your weekly rotation.

That Sugar Guide, by Damon Gameau (Macmillan Publishers, RRP $34.99)

Sticking with the healthy eating theme, The Raw Kitchen features more than 120 raw recipes from breakfasts to dinners, salads and sweets, to drinks and finger foods.

Once again, it’s a book that will appeal to those wanting to do the full-on raw-eating thing, but it’s also a great option for those of us who just want to maybe try a few recipes and add a few healthier options to the family diet.

Most of the ingredients are easily sourced and the ““Raw Food 101” and “Pantry 101” sections are full of great advice to help the beginner get started on their raw food adventure.

However, it’s not just for newbies: there’s plenty of inspiration in here for the seasoned raw foodie, too.

The Raw Kitchen, by Olivia Scott (Beatnik Publishing, RRP $59.99)

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