■ REVIEW: Granny's Kitchen Baking
Granny knows her stuff

I’m sure everyone out there has a favourite recipe for a never- fail sponge, awesome bikkie or spectacular scone that has come from a mother, grandmother, aunty or friend.

It is those recipes that are handed on from friend to friend, and generation to generation, that always seem to end up becoming our go-to recipe when we want to impress or comfort.

This fantastic little book is packed with recipes for those old- fashioned cakes and biscuits, muffins and more. In fact there are more than 150 of them in what at first glance appears to be quite a small book.

The recipes are all tried and tested and feature simple, non- exotic ingredients that most of us will already have in our pantries, so no need for a special trip to the deli to buy specially imported spices that cost an arm and a leg (as seems to be the norm with so many recipes these days).

The afghan biscuits in this book are crunchy, chocolatey perfection but be warned: if you try the Granny’s peanut butter biscuits, be prepared to become addicted.

Granny’s Kitchen Baking (Penguin, $19.99)

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