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Classics in the making

If you’re looking for something to kick off a cookbook collection, these two little gems would be a great option.

Annabel Langbein is one of those ultra calm, ultra talented foodie types, and while she makes every kitchen situation look like a breeze, I’m sure there are plenty of not-so-experienced cooks out there who worry that it’s really not such a breeze.

However, with these two books, Langbein gives the advice, recipes and hints that will turn even the most reluctant of cooks into someone who can whip up a pretty decent roast chicken or a good batch of bikkies at the drop of a hat. Along with the recipes, there is plenty of advice on the tools needed to to the job.

It’s great to see books like this, that are a fresh take on the older cookbooks we’ve all had over the years: I reckon these may well become staples alongside Edmonds.

Anyone Can Cook and Anyone Can Bake, both by Annabel Langbein (published by Annabel Langbein, RRP $29.99 each)

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