■ REVIEW: The Kiwi Beer Lover’s Cookbook
Beer recipes a pleasant surprise

Now here’s something to get even the most reluctant cook into the kitchen: a book full of recipes involving beer.

There’s everything from soups and salsa to chocolate brownies and even good old Kiwi afghans with beer icing.

Chef and beer enthusiast Sam Cook (no, not the singing Sam Cook, this is the cooking version) has managed to educate, entertain and even endear himself to the reader with this wee offering.

While there’s humour to be had in the form of a philosophical joke at the start of the book and wise words from Plato, who said “he was a wise man who invented beer”, there’s also plenty of good, tasty recipes. And all of them come complete with a recommendation on just which beer you should use because, of course, all beers have their own flavour profiles.

Sure, some of the recipes will have you raising your eyebrows in wonderment and perhaps even a little disbelief, but give them a go. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The Kiwi Beer Lover’s Cookbook, by Sam Cook (Hurricane Press, RRP $34.99)

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