■ REVIEW: The Chronicles of Narmo
Columnist’s early life a fun read

First published by Corgi in 1992 and republished in January  2014, this delightful home-school romp was written by 16-year-old Caitlin Moran who is now an award-winning The Times critic, interviewer and columnist. She has authored two other novels in the intervening years. My favourite part of the book is Moran’s introduction in which she details the struggle to not only write a novel but to also get it published. All very encouraging really.

The Narmo family are recovering from Christmas when there is some talk of the benefits of being home-schooled. To their surprise, the parents withdraw the Narmo children from school and so begins a year in which the five children, their two pets and their unfortunate parents spend an inordinate amount of time in the family home, each seemingly doing their own thing.

A fun read.

The Chronicles of Narmo, by Caitlin Moran (Random House, RRP $20)

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