■ REVIEW: Chocolate Cake For Breakfast
Bridget Joes with a Kiwi feel … and chocolate

Chocolate Cake for BreakfastSet in rural New Zealand, Chocolate Cake For Breakfast is an easy read that has a Bridget Jones feel about it.

It’s about Helen McNeil, a vet from small-town New Zealand who has a love of cows. While escaping from a dull girl at a party who she did not want to talk to, she meets Mark Tipene, a handsome rugby star.

When he asks her on a date, she has no idea that he is a high- profile rugby player with a fan website full of comments from adoring women.

Quickly researching Mark she learns the career highlights of this good-looking and ever so nice sportsman.

An entertaining on-again, off-again romance follows which sees Mark birthing cows and Helen trying to overcome jealousy and fear of being upgraded at any point.

Adding to the story also is an entertaining friendship with her cousin Sam, her young, well- meaning but over-enthusiastic and outspoken stepmother Em, and the happy but sometimes snarky banter with her vet colleagues.

The pace of this book is good and it is a great read if you want to escape for a few hours without having to use too much brainpower. I’d happily recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good romantic comedy.

As enjoyable as chocolate cake for breakfast.

Chocolate Cake For Breakfast, by Danielle Hawkins (Allen & Unwin)

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