■ REVIEW: Last to Die
Rizzoli and Isles tackle school menace

In the latest installment in the Rizolli and Isles thriller series, three children are brought together by seemingly random and extreme acts of violence.

Orphaned, the children are taken in as students of a boarding school for emotionally traumatised children in a remote area of Maine. However, forensic pathologise Maura Islas suspects the Evensong School founders may be using it for their own agenda.

The ominous threat to the school and its occupants grows more and more menacing as the story goes on, with blood-spattered twig dolls hanging from a tree leading Isles and Detective Jan Rizzoli to wonder if the threat is from outside the school or from within.

A good level of creepiness keeps the interest up in this read and – as expected with books in this series – the story moves along at a great pace. It’s not the best in the series and at times the storyline is a little far-fetched but for the most part, its still a pretty good read.

Last to Die, by Tess Gerritsen (Bantam Press, RRP $37)

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