■ REVIEW: Kiss Me First
Riveting morality study

The internet is an easy place to hide, to lie and to be completely absorbed by. It can be a place where you trust someone so completely that you can hand over your life to a complete stranger. Lottie Moggach tackles these disturbing realities in her unique and utterly compelling debut novel, Kiss Me First.

Leila leads a solitary life as an outcast to those around her and retreats to the internet where she can be herself.

When she discovers the website Red Pill, her life changes in ways she could never imagine, thanks to Red Pill creator, Adrian. Impressed by her online conversations in ethical discussions, Adrian asks Leila to be part of a project; to become Tess, a woman who wishes to take her own life without hurting her family and friends.

Lottie Moggach presents a thrilling story about stolen identity, depression, desperation and morality.

The entire concept was fascinating to read and makes you think about whether the plot could actually be based on reality in some form.

My only criticism is that I found it easy to put down during the first half of the book. Too many words were spent on establishing Leila’s character and developing her time with Tess.

However, by the last half, I was hooked, as the results of Leila’s choice unfolded.

I shredded through each chapter, unable to put it down until I had finished. I will be looking forward to whatever Moggach produces next, especially if she comes back with another take on topics relevant to today’s society.

Kiss Me First, by Lottie Moggach (Macmillan, RRP $38)

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