■ REVIEW: The Kill List
Perfect blend of classic and modern

It’s hard to know exactly how much of The Kill List is based on fact. The worrying part is that it could all be based on actual events, because of the way Forsyth has written it.

It’s a standard sort of spy thriller, the baddy does bad things, the hero gets sent after the baddy and it becomes personal when the good guy’s father gets killed.

So far fairly standard. but throw in a radical Islam cleric whose sermons inspire his followers to kill high-profile Western targets, modern spycatching techniques, and the use of secret military drones and it’s as modern-day as it could be.

Forsyth has great pedigree and he has again used his unchallenged talent to create an easy to follow story full of well-crafted action.

A great read for a rainy day – because you’ll want to finish it.

The Kill List, by Frederick Forsyth (Random House, RRP $38)

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