■ REVIEW: Hope to Die
Patterson gets Alex Cross back on track

While Cross My Heart, the previous book in the Alex Cross crime series, was a wee bit disappointing, this latest offering (Hope to Die) manages to pull things back on track a little.

Lawyer-turned-detective Alex Cross is being stalked and things seem hopeless when his entire family is taken by a psychotic genius. It’s not an entirely new plot in the Alex Cross series, but it is well-written enough to still hold the reader’s attention, even if it’s not a fresh idea.

The story started in Cross My Heart but if you didn’t enjoy that story, don’t let it put you off reading this one. It’s not Patterson’s strongest book but is certainly a step up from the last one, and brings that ongoing story to a satisfying conclusion.

And all-in-all, even on a not-so-good day, Patterson is still easy to read.

Hope to Die (Alex Cross 22), by James Patterson (Century, RRP $37)

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