■ REVIEW: Last Call
An explosive thriller

The friendship between Theo Knight and Jack Swyteck may seem an unlikely — Theo an ex-gang member and Jack a successful lawyer — but their loyalty to one another was set in concrete when Jack saved Theo’s life.

Theo grew up in one of Miami’s toughest gang-ruled neighbourhoods and not surprisingly ended up in prison on death row. However, he didn’t commit the murder he was accused of and Jack was able to prove that.

Since then, Theo has worked on turning his life around, building up his business and keeping his nose clean.

Life is good until in a blast from the past shows up in the form of an escaped convict — one of the gang members from the old neighbourhood.

The wanted man shows up at Theo’s door looking for help and promising to tell his who it was who killed his mother when he was a boy.

The whole story just explodes from there, with enough action to keep anyone happy. And, it must be said, plenty of twists, too.

This is the first book I’ve read from this author and it won’t be the last.\

Last Call, by James Grippando (HarperCollins, RRP $34.99)

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