■ REVIEW: Do No Harm
Disturbingly good

Everyone knows about Virginia: about her stellar reputation as a gynaecologist; about her commitment to her women patients.

But does anyone know about the knives?

Everyone knows about Faisal too: about his gentle charm and his delight in his family; about his brilliance in the operating theatre.

But does anyone know he’s a traitor?

And Gilda – everyone knows about Gilda: knows that she never poops a party; that she struts about town with her cackling posse; that she’s a loyal friend.

But does anyone know about the rubber?

Author Carol Topolski goes behind the busy routine of a hospital to build a dark, compelling portrait of a good, upright life going horribly wrong.

Topolski’s disturbing debut novel – Monster Love – was long listed for the Orange prize back in 2008 and this latest novel is every bit as good, and every bit as disturbing.

A good, juicy read that will leave you feeling a little creeped out. Recommended.

Do No Harm, by Carol Topolski (Fig Tree, RRP $40)

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