■ REVIEW: The Killing Room
Classic Montanari will make your spine tingle

I stumbled across the dark mind of author Richard Montanari via The Skin Gods, his fifth novel. Since then I’ve enjoyed the next five, with each one a little more disturbing than the last.

In the latest Byrne and Balzano novel, The Killing Room, the detectives are called to a gruesome crime scene, where an abandoned church has become a killing room.

What at first appears to be a single, random act of ultimate violence quickly shows itself to be so much more as a second body is found, then a third.

This is classic Montanari, full of creepiness and nastiness that will make your spine tingle and the hairs on the back of you neck stand up.

It’s also a compelling read and in places, quite poetic – in a grisly, blood-thirsty kind of way.

Recommended reading on a stormy night.

The Killing Room, by Richard Montanari (William Heinemann, RRP $35)

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