■ REVIEW: Striking Back
History is the best story-teller

The Steven Spielberg-directed movie Munich, released last year, has raised fresh and younger interest in the bloody events that took place during the 1972 Olympic Games.

Striking Back is the story of the Munich massacre and Israel’s deadly response.It is the first full account based on access to key players who have never before spoken.

In 1972, members of the Black September group murdered 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. Nine hundred million people watched the drama unfold on television — a tragedy that ushered in the age of modern terror.

Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir promised to find those responsible with a secret Mossad unit, code-named Caesarea. The Israeli response unfolds not over weeks or months — it takes decades.

No one has known the full story of the terrorism and counter-terrorism until now and award-winning journalist Aaron Klein tells the story in what is a riveting and compelling read.

Wiping away the myths and misinformation that have become attached to this historic time, Klein proves that history is the best story-teller.

Striking Back, by Aaron J Klein (Scribe, $40)

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