■ REVIEW: Mistress
Another goodie from Patterson

Here’s another decent read from the prolific James Patterson, this time in a standalone novel with David Ellis.

Ben Casper sees his best friend fall to her death from the balcony of her apartment and realises his life is about to change. And not for the better.

Diana – who worked for the CIA – had no reason to kill herself so must have been pushed. The investigation into her death is kept under wraps but Ben’s instincts as a journalist tell him something just isn’t right.

He begins his own investigation and discovers the woman he thought he knew was leading a double life. And her death isn’t the only one.

Mistress is one of Patterson’s standalone novels and proves well and truly that he is still more than capable of turning out a good read with fresh characters.

Sure, Patterson seems to be able to write a never-ending supply of murder mysteries, but they often feature some nice little twists and even those that are bordering on predictable are still very readable. This one lands firmly on the better than average side of things.

Mistress, by James Patterson and David Ellis (Century, RRP $37)

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