■ REVIEW: Blood Runs Cold
A little flat after earlier offerings

The body of a murdered FBI agent is lost in an avalanche at the start of this thriller and the story just gets more and more action-packed from there.

While Jean Transom’s body is missing, the coroner did have time to determine she had been shot before the avalanche hit so on the back of that, a murder investigation is kicked off. Leading that investigation is another female FBI agent, Ren Bryce.

The author’s first two books did receive some criticism for the level of violence and it feels like she has made a concerted effort to tone things down and take a slightly different direction in this effort but I’m not sure it works.

I liked her earlier books (Darkhouse and The Chiller, thrillers that were dark, scary and edgy) but this book seems a little too restrained.

The story itself was good, and as always, it was well written. However, there were some parts of the storyline that felt a little flat.

I also found the action was coming a little too thick and fast at times.

All-in-all, it was a good read but you’ll probably enjoy it more if you haven’t read her earlier books.

Blood Runs Cold, by Alex Barclay (HarperCollins, RRP $29.99)

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