■ REVIEW: Stickmen Book of Rugby
Good value and lots of fun

This latest little offering in the Stickmen series focuses on that most Kiwi of games that had (most of) the nation glued to the telly at the business end of the Rugby World Cup.

For anyone not familiar with the Stickmen books, they really do feature drawings of stickmen. However, they usually come with a clever caption or speech bubble and occasionally the drawing will be a little less traditional than one might expect.

The end result is a lot of fun.

According to the publisher, this lasts 80 minutes with a slam break halfway through for a slice of orange and a quick drink, brought to a close with the final whistle.

Lots of fun and at $20, it’s good value.

Stickmen Book of Rugby, by Peter Vegas (Random House, RRP $20)

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