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How to train your bloke

I’m sure we’ve all looked at our bloke at some point and wondered just what was going on in his head.

This book has the answers you need, whether you’re looking for Mr Right or are hoping to lose Mr Wrong.

This guide to the world of men, love and dating will tell you how to spot a dating loser and then ditch him, what he’s really thinking in bed and even what blokes really want. Not that I needed any telling on that one — after 10 years of marriage I feel qualified to say what a bloke wants is ownership of the TV remote.

If nothing else, it’s an entertaining read that will keep you occupied while Mr Right bonds with the channel changer.

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Men, by Anita Naik (Piatkus, $29.99)

If you’re married/engaged/attached, chances are you’d like your bloke to do a bit more around the house.

I’m the first to admit that my husband isn’t particularly well house-trained but I am putting in the hard yards to make life easier for the next generation by ensuring my son understands what a vacuum cleaner is.

This little self-help guide by clinical psychologist Joshua Coleman is a hands-on guide to understanding and changing the man of the house’s attitude towards domestic work and childcare.

The Lazy Husband, by  Dr Joshua Coleman (Piatkus, $34.99)

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