■ REVIEW: Fathers' Wit
Dads, just for a laugh

Dads have a knack of being funny — whether it’s in a corny way or fits more in the realm of truly, side-splittingly hilarious.

Maybe it’s a side effect of fatherhood, all the confusion and confuddlement of raising younguns serving to make fathers think outside the square.  Sometimes even outside sanity.

Fathers’ Wit is a collection of humorous quotes on what it is to be a dad. The quotes come from a wide range of sources, from cartoon character Homer Simpson to American humorist Dave Barry, who says: “To an adolescent, there is nothing more embarrassing in the world than a parent.”

There are also proverbs and quotes from history and today. They are broken into categories that cover everything from conception to nappy changing, teenagers to tantrums.

Sure, some of them are more than a bit corny, but most really are funny and are sure to raise a giggle.

Polly Stone, author of 1003 Great Things About Being Jewish, wonders if Brooklyn Beckham’s first words were “Gucci, Gucci, Goo” while child psychologist Lawrence Kutner says: “The fundamental job of a toddler is to rule the universe.”

This is a cute little book that you can simply dip into from time-to-time.

If  you’re trying to decide what to get your father for Christmas, this might just be an option.

Fathers’ Wit, by Rosemarie Jarski (Reed Publishing, $24.99)

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