Baking: so hot it’s cool

New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker, with Dean Brettschneider (Penguin, RRP $35):

Baking is one of those retro things that has suddenly become cool again and television has jumped on the bandwagon with New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker, which isn’t quite as dodgy as the name might suggest.

No, this show doesn’t involve scantily clad busty beauties getting all hot and bothered in the kitchen (New Zealand’s Next Top Model judge Colin Mathura- Jeffree).

It’s more about passionate bakers sharing that passion with the viewers.

Dean Brettschneider is one of the Hottest Home Baker judges and this book is a collection of recipes from the show, including biscuits, scones, muffins, the very-popular- right-now cupcakes, breads and more.

There are plenty of hints and tips throughout and all-in- all it’s a pretty good book.

However, I’m still more of a fan of the more old-fashioned style of baking recipes that our mothers and grandmothers collected.

And I still don’t get the hype about cupcakes.

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