Say what?

Overheard, by Mark Love and Jacqui Saunders (HarperCollins, $19.99):

The “overheard” stable of websites have provided some funny moments on the web, with snippets of overheard conversations often taken totally out of context and posted online.

It started out as Overheard in New York and has snowballed from there, with more sites added to that one and other sites copying the concept.

Now, there’s a book that follows the same logic and it works every bit as well.

This book is overheard conversations from the buses, boardrooms and bars of Britain and it’s a delight to dip into. Being British, the humour is a tad different and often comes from the conversation in context rather than the out-of-context hilarity of the American versions. For example, with the trend to name children after countries or cities who wouldn’t snigger at hearing a frustrated mum call out to her bickering children: “Jordan! Syria! Play nice!”

If only world politics were so easily controlled.

This book is lots of fun, not too taxing on the brain and good value.

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