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July 20, 2014

The Tea Chest, by Josephine Moon (Allen & Unwin, RRP $37)

Kate Fullerton is the co-owner of The Tea Chest in Brisbane – a boutique tea store that focuses on creating perfect blends.

When an opportunity comes up for Kate to open in London, she wavers before taking it on. She’s leaving behind her husband and children to take a gamble.

Leila and Elizabeth are also at a crossroads, and Kate and The Tea Chest give them a chance to start over.

The Tea Chest is a cosy novel, steeped in the world of boutique teas and the lives of the three women that the store is set to change forever. All three are likable and relatable, and the story is engaging.

Best read on a comfy couch on a rainy day with your favourite cup of tea at your side.

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