Not all insults but still good value

The Mammoth Book of Insults, edited by Geoff Tibballs (Constable & Robinson, RRP $29.99):

If you’ve ever struggled to come up with the perfect insult to hurl at an annoying sibling/co-worker/spouse, this could be the perfect book for you.

It’s packed full of witty, blunt, clever and even slightly corny insults. They range from the very clean to the just ever-so-slightly PG-rated and are broken down into categories, meaning you’ll never be lost for words.

There’s even a comprehensive section listing many (but probably not all) of the infamous “Yo mama” jokes, along with a bunch of euphemisims, curses, general insults and caustic comments.

Many of the best insults are taken from television programmes such as One Foot in the Grave (ah, Victor Meldrum had such a way with words) and the somewhat outrageous Julian Clary also features.

There are more than 500 pages here, and while they aren’t all quality insults, there are enough goodies to make it worth the money.

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