■ REVIEW: Funny Bums
After a slow start, picture book gains fans

This book loses its appeal as soon as you look at it. The rear end of an elephant does not make for a very interesting cover and the title is somewhat vulgar.

I don’t believe there would have been anything wrong with “Funny Bottoms” for a title. Plenty of kids aren’t really allowed to say bum and will skip past this book on the library shelves with barely a glance. My older two were not even interested in opening it.

However, once Fintan, 6, did begin reading, he thoroughly enjoyed it. The photographs are clear and large and the text minimal.

There are some interesting facts at the back about some of the critters mentioned and a glossary and index.

What is more, Aedan, 2, loves it too. He goes through the book naming the creatures. That is, until he gets to the sea cucumber – it’s such a strange looking thing, he just calls it “other”.

This book has grown on our family and we highly recommend it. Great for preschoolers and year 1 to 3 pupils.

Funny Bums, by Dr Mark Norman (Walker Books)

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