■ REVIEW: The Winter Sea
Predictable and by the numbers

I wouldn’t say Di Morrissey is a lazy author but The Winter Sea has a real paint-by-numbers feel to it.

An everlasting love, a new love and a family secret roll around together in this plot as the lead character Cassie Holloway, fresh from a divorce, heads to Whitby Point in New South Wales.

A lost dog leads her to her new love, a vet called Michael.

He also happens to be the great-grandson of Giuseppe d’Aquino – one of the main stories in the book as we hear how he left Aeolian Islands off the coast of Italy to make a new life in Australia.

His story is critical to developing the back story and explores his life as a new immigrant in Australia and how he founded a fishing dynasty.

Overall, all of the characters have their part to play but they all tend to be a bit beige. There are no real twists and turns that leave you eager to keep turning the pages.

The Winter Sea is a nice distraction, but Di Morrissey, you are capable of better.

Report card? Needs more work, better try harder next time.

The Winter Sea, by Di Morrissey (Pan Macmillan Australia, RRP $35)

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