■ REVIEW: Remembering Diana
The constant man in Diana’s life tells his story

The life and tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales, was played out under the harsh glare of camera flashes and glossy magazines.

It seemed that she couldn’t make a move without the world knowing about it and the betrayals from the men in her life were well publicised from Charlie and his bit on the side to love rat James Hewitt.

However, there was one man in her life who supported her for the final decade of her life.

Paul Burrell was the man who served Diana as her butler for the 10 years leading up to her death.

He was much more than an employee, he was her right-hand man, confidante and friend, a man that Diana herself described as the only man she ever trusted.

In this book, Burrell offers some insights into the side of Diana we didn’t always get to see in the magazines. He tells of her Hollywood relationships, her sisterhood with Sarah Ferguson and the attempts to heal their rift and the real nature of her relationship with Dodi Al Fayed.

Burrell introduces us to the real Diana, the one he knew, respected and loved.

Remembering Diana: The Way We Were, by Paul Burrell (HarperCollins, $34.99)

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