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Trio of quick Kiwi reference books

Wild Flowers of New Zealand, photography by Rob Suisted (New Holland Publishers, RRP $20)

Wellington-based photographer and conservationist Rob Suisted has produced a book packed with shining and colourful examples of the wildflowers of New Zealand.

Early botanists were amazed by the plants they found in New Zealand, many of which are unique to our country. Our isolation means our native flowering plants have evolved to create a flora like no other.

Ranging from wetlands to forests, grasslands and coastal habitats, everything is covered here, with the amazing photographs paired with just enough information to educate, without being too wordy.

Landmarks of New Zealand, photography by Rob Suisted (New Holland Publishers, RRP $20):

It’s hard to believe a country as small as New Zealand can have so many landmarks, but we do.

This collection of photographs by Rob Suisted is full of image of the spectacular mountain peaks, glaciers, trees, man-made monuments and more that you find in every New Zealand town and city.

The south features on a fair number of the pages, with the likes of the Lindis Pass, Clyde Dam, Gore’s big trout statue and picturesque Fiordland.

A great gift for a homesick Kiwi abroad or simply a lovely book to have on your own bookshelf.

A Photographic Guide to the Fossils of New Zealand, by Hamish Campbell, Alan Bell, James Crampton, Liz Kennedy and Marianna Terezow (New Holland Publishers, RRP $26):

New Zealand might be a young country from our point of view but there is still plenty of history to be had.

This new addition to the popular New Holland series of natural history and science photographic guides focuses on plant and animal fossils found around New Zealand.

The range of fossils detailed covers the geological timescale of Paleosoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic periods.

With beautifully detailed photographs, readers will find this a fantastic visual reference and the written information manages to be both informative and easy to read.

I never knew how interested I was in fossils until I picked up this book.

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