■ REVIEW: Quake Dogs
Four-legged survival stories celebrated

This sweetly addictive book features the heart-warming stories of Christchurch dogs. After the devastating Canterbury quakes, we heard the many stories of survival and loss that came out of the city.

But beyond those tales of human suffering and/or joy, there were also stories of the city’s dogs.

For they suffered alongside their human counterparts, but they were often overlooked amid the chaos.

There were search and rescue dogs helping save lives, dogs comforting their owners as they awaited rescue, those that ran off in terror when the ground began to shake, those abandoned by owners forced to leave by the quakes – and many, many more.

This book tells those stories and celebrates the bond between people and their pets.

Keep in mind too that proceeds from the book go to Huha, a dog rescue service.\

Quake Dogs, text by Laura Sessions, photography by Craig Bullock (Random House, RRP $35)

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