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Best choice for hunter gatherers

As Southland’s army of fly fishermen prepare to match their wits against the wily brown and rainbow species of our world-famous waters, their insatiable appetite for more knowledge that might deceive trout will prosper from reading this exceptional literary morsel.

Southlander Murray Orr is one of many acknowledged experts and guides from all over the world who make recommendations with valuable contributions to a work that will embellish any trout fisherman’s library.

A freelance writer with more than 50 years of international experience as an angler and author of seven United States books, Tony Lolli has not made the mistake of many contemporaries who over-intellectualise a recreational pursuit that largely demands common sense and attention to basic detail.

Southlanders are more fortunate than most in that the province has many vastly experienced anglers only too happy to impart knowledge and encourage wide-eyed youngsters and newcomers.

Lolli’s work introduces a fresh dimension to all anglers in terms of simplicity, outstanding illustrations and technical procedures gleamed from the globe’s renowned exponents of rod and reel.

Selecting the appropriate fly for the right occasion can involve some exhaustive experimentation if the biggest trout are to be tempted.

That task is certainly made easier by tapping into the knowledge of Southlander Orr and others armed to the teeth with knowledge and experience.

An index of website contacts of other experts complements the already vast background of tips offered in the book by masters of the fly rod.

Lolli estimates he contacted 20,000 experts in their fields when researching material for his book.

Too many Southland anglers have regretted using a dry fly too early in the season when rivers are still snow fed and not conducive to prolific fly hatches. That’s when the nymph fishermen do best.

Lolli and his contributors cover that early season activity fully and simply. Southern anglers will prosper by exploiting that knowledge in early October, in fact boost their chances at any time before rivers react to dry and low summer conditions.

Fly Patterns By Fishing Guides, by Tony Lolli (New Burlington, RRP $30)

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