■ REVIEW: Joanna Margaret Paul Drawing
A treat for fans

Over nearly four decades, the late Joanna Paul accumulated a body of work brimming with graphic invention and poetic observation.

An artist, film-maker, poet and writer, she died in 2003 in tragic circumstances that most will remember from the news. During a visit to Rotorua she collapsed while bathing in a thermal pool and died two days later.

This book contains a collection of more than 80 of her drawings, most of which have never been published. They range from studies in architecture and space to faces, quirky little pieces and landscapes and skyscapes.

Some a little more than quick sketches while others have more detail and colour. However, all of them exude a quality that shouts for your attention and holds your eye.

Paul was a talented artist who died while at the height of her creativity. This book is a treat for those already enamoured of her work.

It’s also likely to pull in a whole new legion of fans.

Joanna Margaret Paul Drawing, by Jill Trevelyan and Sarah Treadwell (Auckland University Press, $49.99)

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