■ REVIEW: Hanns and Rudolf
True story is gripping reading

Subtitled “the extraordinary true story of the Jewish investigator who pursued and captured one of Nazi Germany’s most notorious war criminals”, Hanns and Rudolf shows that a true story can be every bit as exciting as any work of fiction a Hollywood scriptwriter could come up with.

Hanns Alexander, the son of a wealthy German family, fled Berlin in the 1930s and made his way to London.

Rudolf Hoss was a farmer and soldier who moved through the ranks to become the commandant of the notorious Auschwitz concentration camp, where millions of men, women and children were brutally murdered during World War II.

After the war, the first British war crimes investigation team begins to hunt down the high-ranking Nazis responsible for the greatest atrocities the world had ever seen: Lieutenant Hanns Alexander is one of the lead investigators, Rudolf Hoss one of his most elusive targets.

This is the exciting story of the capture of Hoss, taking the reader from the Middle East and Berlin to Belsen and Nuremberg. Absolutely gripping reading.

Hanns and Rudolf, by Thomas Harding (Random House, RRP $38)

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