■ REVIEW: After Cleo Came Jonah
The cat that captured a heart

This is the sequel to New Zealander Helen Brown’s lovely bestseller Cleo, which told the story of the death of Helen’s young son Sam and how the arrival of a small kitten into the Brown household helped a grieving family move on.

Cleo was a book that simply captured the hearts of readers around the world and became a huge success, making the New York Time bestseller list in its first week in United States bookstores.

After Cleo Came Jonah picks up the story during another incredibly rough time for the author: her diagnosis with breast cancer.

Earlier, the author just couldn’t bring herself to get another cat after Cleo but purely by chance, she met a little Siamese kitten during her cancer treatment and Jonah (named after Jonah Lomu) quickly became a part of her life.

And between that crazy kitten and her rebellious daughter, author Helen Brown manages to look at her own mortality and carry on.

I always reckon those people who say they aren’t cat people just haven’t me the right cat yet.

After Cleo Came Jonah, by Helen Brown (Allen & Unwin, $35)

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