■ REVIEW: Tell Me Why, Mummy
Readable but not brilliant

The back cover of the book describes it as “a heartbreaking story of abuse, betrayal and ultimate redemption” but I think it’s fair to say that any tale of abuse of a child is going to be heartbreaking.

Author David Thomas’ parents split up when he was young and he had to endure growing up with an alcoholic mother who sexually and verbally abused him when she was drunk and appeared to remember nothing of her actions once she had sobered up.

As David grew up he became adept at avoiding his mother’s drunken advances and also learned how to steal and lie.

Eventually though, he got his life back on track and made peace with his demons both real and imagined.

This is yet another of the seemingly endless run of books detailing what was undoubtedly an awful childhood for the author. This one’s readable enough but not brilliant.

Tell Me Why, Mummy, by David Thomas (Harper Element)

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