■ REVIEW: Who Really Runs the World?
Take me to your leader

Here’s a nice juicy read for all the conspiracy theorists out there.

Journalist Alex Games has co-authored this little gem with Thom Burnett, which is apparently a pseudonym for ” one of Britain’s leading experts on security and military matters”.

This book looks at conspiracies in every day life, both the hidden and the not so hidden. It examines the relationship between globalisation and democracy and asks who really runs the world?

It’s all here: foreign corporations, police bureaucracies, a CIA-backed mujahideen, the media and the power of the state.

I don’t buy into conspiracy theories but I do enjoy reading about them.

Just don’t ask to see my tin-foil hat collection.

Who Really Runs the World? by Thom Burnett and Alex Games (HarperCollins, $19.99)

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