■ REVIEW: The World According To Clarkson Volume 4
Strong opinions won’t disappoint

This is the fourth volume in the bestselling “World According to Clarkson” series by Top Gear frontman Jeremy Clarkson.

His columns are always full of strong opinions and a good dose of humorous observation about the absurdities of life and the awesomeness of horsepower and this collection is not going to disappoint.

I’m a bit of a Clarkson fan so it should come as no great surprise to anyone that I enjoyed this book.

The not-so-committed fan might find it pretty much more of the same when when compared to his earlier books but it’s Clarkson’s opinionated pomposity that makes him so appealing and funny.

Clarkson is on a quest to set the world to rights, to make common sense much more common and to tip his hat to rhubarb _ that tasty little plant that makes great crumble and that he believes will become the new crack.

The World According To Clarkson Volume 4: How Hard Can it Be? by Jeremy Clarkson (Michael Joseph, RRP $42)


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