■ REVIEW: Every Dog Has Its Day
Sniffing out dog facts

After penning books on everything from proverbs to music, Max Cryer has now turned his attention to man’s best friend.

Cryer is a bloke who knows a lot of things about a lot of things, and in Every Dog Has Its Day he comes up with (more or less) 1000 interesting and often odd facts about dogs.

Ever wondered why dogs spend so much time sniffing anything and everything when you walk them? Where the term “dog-eat-dog world” came from (dogs don’t eat other dogs)? Or even why male dogs cock their leg when they pee? (Side note: We once had a dog who had some difficulty with that particular manoeuvre. He eventually got a grip on the whole “balance on three legs” thing but often lifted the wrong leg, so we were always on alert when walking him in case we ended up becoming the target. RIP Boof, you were dumb as a stick but we miss you).

But I digress. Cryer has pulled together a delightfully eclectic mix of facts that will be of interest of everyone, not just the dog owners out there.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so this could be the perfect gift for dad.

Every Dog Has Its Day: A Thousand things You Didn’t Know About Man’s Best Friend, by Max Cryer (Exisle Publishing, RRP $30)

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