■ REVIEW: Guinness World Records 2010
Best, worst and beyond

We all know someone who seems to absorb weird and wonderful facts so here’s the perfect book for all the those sponges of knowledge.

This latest Guinness offering is the book of the decade version, and includes new content and features that recognise the record-breaking achievements of the noughties.

Apart from all the usual longest, tallest, widest, oldest, smallest and smelliest photographs and records, you’ll also get access to special downloadable extras and new sections on some of the very special records, including the notable firsts, such as Sir Ed’s ascent of Everest and Dolly the sheep being the first cloned animal.

Other new sections include the unbreakables: records that remain unbroken. These include Aussie cricketing legend Sir Donald Bradman’s Test batting average, a record set 61 years ago.

Guinness World Records 2010 ( RRP $54.99)

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